Monday, December 20, 2010

The painting "Starry Night" was painted by Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. The painting was made in 1941 and since then has been moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New Your City. The painting has been hailed as the greatest work of Van Gogh and has been reproduced often. It's hard to shy away from this painting since it has been replicated and put on an endless number of merchandise products.

The reason why the painting is so famous can be credited to several factors that affects each individual differently. The night sky is exaggerated with swirling clouds and bright stars with a luminescent moon that draws the attention of the eye . You will notice there are 12 stars that represent a new beginning or an end to something else. The curves of the painting keeps your eyes moving creating a visual dot to dot with the stars. Below you see the rolling hills and a small peaceful town. The fiery windows tell you that each house is cozy and warm to the cool night all around them. To the left is a massive dark structure that develops the sense of isolation. The structure is much more impressive when compared to the other buildings in the town. The structure has been said to be anything from a mountain to a beefy bush. The analysis of the structure is open to interpretation. Van Gogh made this painting after a relationship with a loved one ended, I think he made this to help him get over the end of that relationship and move on with life. You will also notice how Van Gogh used the texture the brush strokes make on canvas to his advantage that truly make his paintings one of a kind.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ilene meyer

Known for: still-life, marine, coastal and sea scape painting. Ilene Meyer was inspired by her mother's artworks as a child. And by the age of thirty, had dedicated her life to her art. She self titled herself as a surrealist with a twist which is obviously shown in this piece. The frogs which are so abundant in this work of art show a sign of sensitivity in an otherwise mass of confusion. The smaller frogs are almost as if in shock and not knowing what to do, as the one frog behind the bubble which I assume is using the bubble to make itself seem bigger than the others so they feel inferior. The blue shows tranquility yet yellow could resemble hope. Maybe that means the confusion is going away because the frog is taking charge and allowing others to feel security. which after all almost everyone wants out of life. so maybe this whole painting is just trying to represent that in everyone's life there is someone that makes you feel secure, that allows you to have hope about the future so whatever fear your having can disappear.There are black stripes on the base of one of the cliff- like things some of the frogs are standing on. maybe this is representing a dark time that is being overcome.